Not known Facts About Writing

Prose is made up of … phrases tacked with each other just like the sections of a prefabricated hen-home —George Orwell

Very well, perhaps the belt is wrong, you think, throwing it on the bed, pulling out An additional. No, these old sneakers gained’t do, way too dowdy. After an hour or so, you’re stripped for your socks and in tears, absolutely confident now that you're an ideal mess they said you have been. And so your manuscript might be in case you don’t struggle just about every urge to higher just about every sentence.”

literature - released writings in a specific fashion on a certain subject matter; "the technological literature"; "1 facet of Waterloo hasn't however been treated while in the literature"

Very good writing is often a sort of skating which carries off the performer wherever he would not go —Ralph Waldo Emerson

one. an alphabetical script initially used for inscriptions while in the Irish language from your 5th for the 10th hundreds of years.

a type of divination involving the examination of letters, quite possibly from the graphological standpoint. Also onomancy.

one. the penmanship of an individual, especially when used in an important doc, as in an apostolic letter composed and signed through the pope.

dash off, fling off, scratch off, toss off, knock off - generate immediately; "She dashed off a Notice to her partner stating she wouldn't be home for supper"; "He scratched off a thank-you note to your hostess"

to history in writing. She wrote down every phrase he explained. neerskryf يُدَوِّن، يُسَجِّل записвам anotar / tomar nota zapsat aufschreiben skrive ned γράφω, σημειώνωanotar, apuntar üles kirjutama نوشتن؛ یادداشت کردن kirjata ylös mettre par écrit לִכתוֹב, לִרשוֹם लिखना zapisati leír mencatat skrá, skrifa niður annotare 書き留める 기록하다, 적다 užrašyti pierakstīt menyalin; mencatat opschrijven skrive opp/ned zapisać یاد داشت کول assentar a scrie/a nota pe hârtie записывать zapísať zapisati zabeležiti skriva ner จด; บันทึก kaydetmek, yazmak 記下 записувати لکھنا ghi chép 记下

part, subdivision - a self-contained component of a larger composition (created or musical); "he generally turns initial on the company area"; more info "the heritage of the function is talked about in the subsequent area"

a click here kind of writing in which a created image represents an object instead of a word or speech audio. — ideographic, ideographical, adj.

4. (= created work) the essay is made up of some imaginative writing → el ensayo tiene secciones redactadas con imaginación

3. to compose a letter (and deliver it). He has written a letter to me concerning this make a difference; I am going to compose you a lengthy letter about my getaway; I wrote to you personally last week. skryf يَكْتُبُ رِسالَةً пиша escrever napsat schreiben skrive γράφωescribir (kirja) kirjutama نوشتن؛ تحریر کردن kirjoittaa écrire לִכתוֹב पत्र लिखना और भेजना pisati, sastaviti (meg)ír menulis skrifa click here scrivere 手紙を書く (편지 등을) 쓰다 parašyti uzrakstīt; aizrakstīt menulis surat schrijvenskrivenapisać ليكل escrever a scrie, a compune написать napísať (na)pisati pisati skriva เขียนจดหมาย yazmak 寫信 написати خط لکھ کر بھیجنا viết thư 写信

Writing … it is rather like developing a dwelling, each and every different phrase is yet another brick laid into location, cemented to its fellows, and little by little you start to see the wall beginning to rise, therefore you understand that the rooms inside of will consider their form while you meant —Vita Sackville-West

Authors, like cash, expand pricey as they increase old; it is the rust we worth, not the gold —Alexander Pope

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